Huge film scene illo

You might remember my post about my sweet girls who are producing the KILLING ALL THE FLIES serie. They asked my to create 2 huge woodpanels for a film set. I was completely free in motive only the colours were given. Above you see a detail. This is my entry for this week´s Illustration Friday theme "intention". You can find more pictures of this in my flickr!
I am so excited to see the finished film scene with my artwork in it! I will keep you updated!



  1. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-hCiqjL3zF_Q/T1Jyi0ZNz6I/AAAAAAAAAPo/sD-PYpP3gvQ/s1600/IMG_2568.jpg
    this looks really awesome!

  2. Really great, love your cool and original style! <3

  3. I enjoyed all the details visible int he photostream images. Still, my faavourite is the throwing bear, glad to see it selected here. All the elements combined, make me think, wonder about their connections. Just lovely.

  4. Wunderschön! Ich liebe deine Kunstwerke!