Illustration Friday – FORWARD

It has been a while since my last submission to Illustration Friday. But this weeks topic FOWARD caught my eye. This piece shows me and my little dog, we are looking forward, into the future. Looking forward to all the exciting stuff that is waiting there. I created this selfportrait for an upcoming event. I will soon tell you more...
The Quote on my back is of Lord of the rings, saying: NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST. I am thinking about screenprinting this lettering and selling it in my shop.


  1. I'm a Lord of the Rings nerd. I'd definitely buy this if you put it in your shop....seriously.

  2. Also a Lord of the Rings nerd. I recognized the quote in the illustration before I read about it. Great illustration, by the way, and not just for the quote! What a great scarf.

  3. I love your dressing style :)
    This could be in a fashion magazine.

  4. I really love your illustration!