New piece for the Zollamt

The Kunst im Club exhibition was wonderful! So many different artists came together and had a great time. Great art to discover, interesting people to meet fresh and funky music to dance to. What a fabulous weekend! During saturday I painted a wall directly at the Club. This was the first time I used gold, what an amazing colour. I have a crush now (:
The painting is inspired by that song:


Big group show and Art festival

This friday and saturday I would love to meet you at the Outerrim Kunst im Club art festival!
It is a group show with about 30 artists of all genres. There will be bands, performances, graffiti show writing, workshops for kids, photographer, illustrators and many more! The party lasts from friday to saturday and has glimmeringglittering aftershowpartys at night at the outdoor area of the Club.
I will show and sell my work there, too. Come and watch me drawing on saturday or share a drink with me on friday! I will be glad to see you there! Find more infos here: http://www.kunst-im-club.de/ and here.
All artists gave a small interview.
This is mine:
Who are you? –1–
Why art? –2|3–
Why Art in a Club? –3|5–
What is important for you –2|5–
How do you realize it? –3|4|5–



Recently I created a little Schweinehund for weitclick. Sweet sweet pigdog


Hentschel Kinder wall tattoo

A while ago I drew this wall tattoo for an exhibition about Hentschel Kinder at the Römer and Bajuwaren Museum. Find more infos about it at this beautiful homepage: http://hentschels-kinderwelten.de/


Women´s Health

Latest work for the german Women´s Health for the monthly rubric.
This month´s theme is "Flight".


Video of the Kunstschlacht

Do you remember the art competition that a fought a while ago? There is a wonderful new video about it online now!

kunstschlact no8_impressions from Felix on Vimeo.


A sign for Kottan

Lately I drew a sign on top of a bicycle rack for one of my favourite bars in Stuttgart, the Kottan at the Hans im Glück Brunnen.


Flyer for MUK

Recently I designed the flyer or business cards for a lovely organic cereal bar in Stuttgart, MUK.
They serve homemade Birchermuesli with fresh seasonal fruits. Be sure to to try it, when you are around.

Das ist meine Gestaltung für die Flyer für MUKs Müslibar in Stuttgart West. Das Bircher Müsli wird jeden abend frisch angesetzt und wird je nach Saison mit den unterschiedlichsten frischen Früchten serviert. Unbedingt vorbei schauen, wenn Ihr in der Nähe seid!

And it became sort of a tradition that I am drawing the chalk boards for Muk´s shop!

Mittlerweile ist es fast eine Tradition, dass ich die Tafel für Muk bemale.


ADC Junior Award 2012

Wohoo, I am glad to let you know, that my work for the Agora42 won an award of the german Art Directors Club! You can see the work of all winners here!


Women´s Health – Orgasm

Times are very busy at the moment, many wonderful projects, some big some small, are to be drawn.
What I especially love about my work is, that I have the chance to be involved in so many totally different and unique creation processes. Peau a peau I will try to show you what I have done during the last couple of weeks. The projects can not be any more different. How lucky am I!

This is a illo I did for the german Women´s Health for a column. The theme is orgasm.



Live painting tomorrow

My dear friends in Stuttgart,
if you want to you can visit me tomorrow in Stuttgart at the s.Oliver store, Königstr. 1 between 2 pm and 11 pm. I will be customizing totes there and would be happy if you came along to say hey!



I have a faun crush since I read Oscar Wildes poem:

In the Forest:

Out of the mid-wood’s twilight
Into the meadow’s dawn,
Ivory limbed and brown-eyed,
Flashes my Faun!

He skips through the copses singing,
And his shadow dances along,
And I know not which I should follow,
Shadow or song!

O Hunter, snare me his shadow!
O Nightingale, catch me his strain!
Else moonstruck with music and madness
I track him in vain!

Find more pics after the jump:


Huge film scene illo

You might remember my post about my sweet girls who are producing the KILLING ALL THE FLIES serie. They asked my to create 2 huge woodpanels for a film set. I was completely free in motive only the colours were given. Above you see a detail. This is my entry for this week´s Illustration Friday theme "intention". You can find more pictures of this in my flickr!
I am so excited to see the finished film scene with my artwork in it! I will keep you updated!




Last week I fought the Kunstschlacht, the Battle of Arts. I was extremely excited but once I stood at the stage and held the marker in my hand I calmed down and started to have fun! There were incredibly 300 visitors there to watch Jumi Jami and me painting! At the first round 2 words were randomly chosen and we had 45 minutes to create something. The words were asylum 2.0 and abracadabra. I painted a raven kind of thing that gave shelter to a cat and a facebook like button to include the 2.0 element.
Second task was to create an image of our opponent in 30 minutes. Jumi Jami wrote a vegetarian cookbook so I surrounded her with greens. In the last round we´ve got a piece of wood with colour splashes on it and we could perform freely. It was so much fun! The battle was even broad casted by Regio TV! Thanks so much Peter and Benny for the organization of that event and thanks to B.ash for shooting more pictures.

first round. The raven.

the splash image.

Jumi Jami´s splash image:
and finally Jumi Jami drawing me!



Next week I will be part of the Kunstschlacht and all of you, that are around are kindly invited to come and watch me drawing! It is a competition between two artists, me and wonderful Jumi Jami.
In three rounds a 45 minutes we will have to solve different tasks and the audience will decide finally who wins. It is organized by Peter Kosock, a young urban artist, you should go ahed and have a look at his visionary work!
I am looking forward to this event excitedly, and I would be glad to see you there!



In my last post I showed you the tiniest canvas I have ever painted on.
Today I start a huge project. A couple of my best friends are shooting a
Thriller series called Killing all the flies. It is a wonderful script and they
have grouped together an impressive and powerful team. You can find
out more about them here: http://www.killingalltheflies.com/
My part is it now to paint two huge screens for a set in a club. This is probably
the hugest canvas I have ever painted on.
Perfect day for this. The sun is out but the air is dry and frosty. So I will
be warm and comfy in my cozy studio with tea and pretzels,
listen to Talking to Turtles and throw some paint!


watch the pirates!

Dillons song "Hey Beau" made me draw this. Her music is a wonderful source of inspiration to me!
These are the lyrics:


Here is a medley of some of her tracks:

 The miniature canvases will soon be available in my shop!


Hey my lovely friends. I am having a big spring clean sale at my Etsy! Purchase one print and get the second print free!


Illustration Friday – FORWARD

It has been a while since my last submission to Illustration Friday. But this weeks topic FOWARD caught my eye. This piece shows me and my little dog, we are looking forward, into the future. Looking forward to all the exciting stuff that is waiting there. I created this selfportrait for an upcoming event. I will soon tell you more...
The Quote on my back is of Lord of the rings, saying: NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST. I am thinking about screenprinting this lettering and selling it in my shop.


My book

The samples of my book finally arrived today at my studio. It is now available via Amazone!