Book Fair Frankfurt

My lovelies,

yesterday I went to the big Book Fair in Frankfurt where my book was released! It is an essay about the motiv of being devoured in art and literature, that I wrote, designed and illustrated.
Meneater are to be found everywhere, in fairytales, movies, art... In the first part of the book that is called "Mit Haut und Haar – Allegorien vom Fressen und Gefressen-Werden" I am discussing what the allegory of being devoured means for the artist and where the fear of it comes from. The second part is a bestiary of 10 more or less prominent meneaters that I have interpreted in my own illustrations.
It was really a lot of work, but now I am very happy with the final book!
It will soon be available on Amazon, I will let you know!
If you are visiting the book fair you are very welcome to stop by in hall 4.1 in corridor M at the Merz Solitude exhibition and have a look at my book!


  1. congratulations! maybe - if we are lucky -you’ll blog a few favourite passages of the book for us???
    xo sandra

  2. Congratulations! Any chance of seeing a few tastes of what you wrote and illustrated?