Illustration Friday – Obsession

Not only I am obsessed by hairy men, but smoking is an obsession aswell.
This is why, this illustration fits quite well to this week´s theme.

The illo is part of a serie I am working on right now, that is called
"colour me blind"


  1. I love the lines in this illustration. Beautiful man - appropriate for obsession!

  2. My boyfriend has a beard and smokes... I can't say I enjoy the smoking. I enjoy your illustration though.. especially the ear plugs!

  3. haha....me too. this is a beautiful illustration. I love it!

  4. Great illustration!! I am VERY tired of "cute" illustrations on Illustration Friday. Nice to see you did not draw a kitten or bird or small child. Thank you for an intelligent and funny illustration.

  5. Thank you all for your warm words about that guy. Luckily enough I managed to stop smoking 7 years ago. I am glad I´ve got rid of THAT obsession at least.
    @ Mattew: Thank you so much for this big compliment. I can only pass it back to you...

  6. hes not really that hairy...i like your work