Illustration Friday – Layers

A while ago I bought some coloured foil and I hoped to use it once for some kind of layered
illustration, so this weeks topic was just perfect for this.
But nevertheless I was not quite satisfied with what came out (my first try was the second illustration),
the result was not "me" anyhow.
So I tried some more arrangements and used and older illustration for that and now I really like it!
The former title of the illo below was "Love is dangerous for your tiny heart" and was inspired by that wonderful song of Dionysos.
Sometimes you can wrap yourself up as much as you want to, but if mind and feelings clash together you will be scratched and hurt even on your best hidden layers. hm...
Probably that is all a bit confused, well, here is my entry for this week´s topic Layers for Illustration Friday:


  1. I agree with you; the first illustration is stronger, but they are both beautiful! I love the browns and reds together.

  2. Gorgeous as always. I ADORE your blog! x

  3. Very pretty...fun experimenting!

    Also, I meant to that you for your last post...it inspired my IF drawing this week! ♥

  4. Not sure I see the "layer" connection other than you are working in layers but...I think they are really nice illustrations nonetheless.

  5. Thank you all! And yes, I had a hard time to be precise this week, I know. Not only my illustrations are confuzed a little at the moment (:

  6. This is such an original interpretation, you have an amazing mind and incredible talent!

  7. I really like your style and colors you use! Beautiful work.

  8. What gorgeous images! I love the expressions in these portraits and I'm so impressed by the gorgeous brush strokes you've used to render the girl's hair.

  9. I also like them both, beautiful expressions!