Wonderful New Year

Have a wonderful, exciting New Year full of creativity, surprises, love and peace! I know it is going to be great! Thank you all for your support!


Advent Calender

The lovely girls of the German Etsy Blog created an amazing Advent Calender with a sweet little surprise behind each window! You can find all kinds of DIY stuff, printables and many more. These little things are all provided by different Etsy sellers and go along with tiny interviews! I had the wonderful chance to invent something for "door" number 6! So make sure to sneak behind it and find out what is hidden there! May you all have a wonderful cozy season! Hugs!


Now I can reveal what kept me busy the last days. The new issue of the agora42, a not only beautiful but very clever magazine about economics, philosophy and living. The main task was money and I created all the illustrations. You can see a preview here!


Book Fair Frankfurt

My lovelies,

yesterday I went to the big Book Fair in Frankfurt where my book was released! It is an essay about the motiv of being devoured in art and literature, that I wrote, designed and illustrated.
Meneater are to be found everywhere, in fairytales, movies, art... In the first part of the book that is called "Mit Haut und Haar – Allegorien vom Fressen und Gefressen-Werden" I am discussing what the allegory of being devoured means for the artist and where the fear of it comes from. The second part is a bestiary of 10 more or less prominent meneaters that I have interpreted in my own illustrations.
It was really a lot of work, but now I am very happy with the final book!
It will soon be available on Amazon, I will let you know!
If you are visiting the book fair you are very welcome to stop by in hall 4.1 in corridor M at the Merz Solitude exhibition and have a look at my book!


Please support my friends!

Two of my best friends, Judith Schöll and Alena Jelinek, are very talented  up-and-coming film producers. Currently they start a very exciting new project! Killing all the flies is a scifi-mystery-thriller series which captivated me right from the beginning of the first pitch line. The story deals with the borderline between life and death and evokes the question how solid these given borders really are.
In order to finance their ambitious TV pilot, they started a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo. So have a look at their site and if you like it and want to see the finished film – please share and even donate! They really need our support. Let´s help them to make it happen!!

Killing all the flies pitchvideo from Killing all the flies on Vimeo.


Julia zu Gast bei MUK

This Saturday, September 10th, between 10am and 3 pm I am going to have a mini exhibition at a lovely organic  Cereal/Breakfast/Müsli Shop here in Stuttgart. The shop is called MUK, it can be found here: Johannesstraße 9A 70176 Stuttgart. Some of my work will be exhibited there and you are very welcome to stop by and say hello, have a delicious Müsli or a Coffee and linger for a while.
Me and Muk will be happy to see you there!


Women´s Health

Finally I can show you on what I was working the last days: Some work for the brand new wonderful Women´s Health magazine, it´s the second published issue here in Germany and definitely worth a look. I drew 3 illustrations for an article about mistakes made while shopping.

Hope you like them!


Illustration Friday – Obsession

Not only I am obsessed by hairy men, but smoking is an obsession aswell.
This is why, this illustration fits quite well to this week´s theme.

The illo is part of a serie I am working on right now, that is called
"colour me blind"



Recently I have been to Teneriffa with some of my lovely girls. We had a wonderful time and I brought my brand new Diana f and shot my first medium format film.
During my time at university used to take many photography classes but never fell in love with it.
Too many pics, too many postproduction. All this appeared somehow a little bit random to me.
But making photos with this simple analog tool is so much different. The preparation, the waiting for the perfect moment, light, scene. It is a completely new way of finding pictures for me.
And I am quite satisfied with my first tries:


Illustration Friday - Midsummernight

My submission for Illustration Friday. This week´s topic is "Midsummer night". I wanted to create a piece that is dreamy, sexy and magical. I thought of lying in cool grass, inbetween dreams and gazing into the night air with a wandering heart


Postcards for father´s day

here are some postcard designs I recently did as a commission. Some of them will be soon available in my shop! Hope you like them!


Illustration Friday - asleep

ok, this is a really old one. But unfortunately I am stuck in many work and
do already know that I will not find any time to create a new illustration
for this weeks Illustration Friday topic "asleep"
But I love love love this and really want to contribute something.
So here is one of my oldest works: The sleepy bear!


Illustration Friday - Toys

This is a older illustration and I have never been quite satisfied with. I don´t know why, propably the composition... Nevertheless it fits well to this weeks Illustration Friday theme "toys".

This week I have been featured in many lovely blogs what is an amazing honour for me! The kind words of these sweet people really warm my heart!
I gave an interview to Maicen on her blog culture?, which is definately worth a look, she finds wonderful artists every week. Amy at Pikaland wrote about me, of what I am particulary proud of, since Pikaland is such a huge institution. And I have been featured at InBox 12,  a wonderful artist collaboration, I designed a postcard for them, picturing my favourite spot in Berlin!
Thank you all so much, it means a lot for me!


Süßer Vogel Jugend...

A while ago I drew a logo for a lovely westcoast-based therapist and she allowed me to use the swallow, that I´ve designed for her in a print for my shop.
This is the logo:
I used it for an illustration called "Süßer Vogel Jugend", that means "Sweet Bird of Youth" and it is now available as an achrival fine art print in my shop!


New print in my shop

Lean on me...
Now available in my shop as an archival print!

While drawing I´ve been listening to that wonderful music...


Crying Japan

My thoughts are with you!

+++ U P D A T E +++
I included this illustration to my Etsy Shop and it is now available as a print! I will donate all the proceed to the German Red Cross Japan fund!


Cook something cool everyday! Chicken Couscous

I know it has been a while since I wrote the last recipe... I experimented with exotic spices and what came out was this exotic chicken dish that tastes like sun! Find the whole recipe after the jump!


Illustration Friday – Layers

A while ago I bought some coloured foil and I hoped to use it once for some kind of layered
illustration, so this weeks topic was just perfect for this.
But nevertheless I was not quite satisfied with what came out (my first try was the second illustration),
the result was not "me" anyhow.
So I tried some more arrangements and used and older illustration for that and now I really like it!
The former title of the illo below was "Love is dangerous for your tiny heart" and was inspired by that wonderful song of Dionysos.
Sometimes you can wrap yourself up as much as you want to, but if mind and feelings clash together you will be scratched and hurt even on your best hidden layers. hm...
Probably that is all a bit confused, well, here is my entry for this week´s topic Layers for Illustration Friday:



Odosketch is a wonderful online drawing tool that I´ve just discovered via How about orange!

You can create nice sketches and watch movies how others are drawing!
 So this is just a quick sketch, but I am sure I will spend hours with this, when
I have some more time!


Paper Doll for Etsy

The sweet girls of the German Etsy Blog recently asked me to draw a paper doll for their blog!
I tried to create a old fashioned paper doll with a tiny modern touch in it and this is what came out:

I just could not decide which one I like best!
Be shure to head over to their post to see which wonderful clothes they´ve picked out for her!
You can find one set with very colorful clothes, one set with minimalistic stuff (which I like best) and one set with wonderful spring-fresh flower-print clothes!
All the items are from German Etsy sellers.
Isn´t this a sweet idea?


illustration Friday - Chicken

Ok, I have to admit that my ladies tend to have weird stuff on their heads at the moment.
This week´s topic at Illustration Friday is "chicken" so I created this (very kitschy) portrait with chick!