Yesterday evening two lovely friends of mine prepared a soccer party in their garden. We were grilling and watching the match Germany vs. Australia, which we won! Sorry, dear Australian readers…
It was such a wonderful night, perfectly prepared, thank you again, Felix and Tina! Those two run a great online business, they sell e-cigarettes, that means smoking without smoke, which for me as a non-smoker seems to be a perfect idea, so sneak over and have a look at their beautifully designed products!
 I prepared some light noodle salad for the party and I thought this would be a good recipe to share with you! I am big fan of noodle salad, but unfortunately it usually comes with thick mayonnaise and contains almost only noodles, so I created this light and mediterranean version. The secret is to use almost as many fresh ingredients as noodles!

Noodle Salad

(serves many)

Cook 500 g of you favourite pasta, be sure that it is a kind of pasta that will not loose its shape very easily. I recommend Pipe Regate. Sometimes they sell very nice miniature versions of classical pasta, so look out for that in your grocery store.
It´s very important that you don´t overcook the pasta, it really should be aldente for the salad, thats why I rinse it shortly with cold water after cooking. Then pour 2 – 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil over it, to prevent the noodles from sticking together while cooling down. Put them in a large bowl and mix in ca. 200 g of your favourite red Pesto. Cut ca. 200 g or more Feta cheese in little squares and add them to the noodles. Add ca. 250 g Bacon bits. Cut ca. 3 hands full of black olives in to rings and add them, too. Meanwhile roast 2 hands full of pine nuts without grease in a pan, always have an eye on them while roasting! Let them cool down a little and add them, too. Cut 300 – 400 g tomatoes in pieces and add them carefully. I usually use cherry tomatoes and cut them in quarters, but firm and sweet normal ones will work as well. Rinse 100 g Rucola (arugula) and cut it in the middle, it will be easier to eat then. Add the Rucola only shortly before serving! Season everything with salt and pepper and enjoy! Ps. the more of every fresh ingredients you add, the better it will be!

Like always, I know, that I am not very precise, so please feel free to ask, if somethings is not clear! And please excuse my poor English…

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