New homepage and blog

Some of you might have noticed, that a few days ago
my blog was down. It was attacked by a virus and I had to delete
the whole thing. This is so mean and I still don´t know,
why anybody would do such bad things! Online vandalism!
But I took the crisis as a chance and
built up my new web precense!
So you can now have a look at my brand new portfolio site
at www.juliahumpfer.com
It was a lot of work but I am now very satisfied with what came

I have rescued some of my older blog posts and decided to
repost most of my "Cook something cool everyday" recipes
for you. My illustrations can now be found via www.juliahumpfer.com


  1. I can't believe that happened! Mean people, yuck!!!

  2. What a dreadful thing to happen Julia. However, I love the new look, so well done for rescuing it and making it look so lovely! I'm thinking of joining in with illustration Friday too...it looks fun.

  3. Oh, I didn't know that could happen. How awful. But I saw your new website and it looks great! I love your style! I just found out that you had my blog in the list on the right. That is so nice of you, thank you very much!
    I'm going to follow your blog and be the lucky 13th follower.
    Priscella x