New piece for the Zollamt

The Kunst im Club exhibition was wonderful! So many different artists came together and had a great time. Great art to discover, interesting people to meet fresh and funky music to dance to. What a fabulous weekend! During saturday I painted a wall directly at the Club. This was the first time I used gold, what an amazing colour. I have a crush now (:
The painting is inspired by that song:


Big group show and Art festival

This friday and saturday I would love to meet you at the Outerrim Kunst im Club art festival!
It is a group show with about 30 artists of all genres. There will be bands, performances, graffiti show writing, workshops for kids, photographer, illustrators and many more! The party lasts from friday to saturday and has glimmeringglittering aftershowpartys at night at the outdoor area of the Club.
I will show and sell my work there, too. Come and watch me drawing on saturday or share a drink with me on friday! I will be glad to see you there! Find more infos here: http://www.kunst-im-club.de/ and here.
All artists gave a small interview.
This is mine:
Who are you? –1–
Why art? –2|3–
Why Art in a Club? –3|5–
What is important for you –2|5–
How do you realize it? –3|4|5–



Recently I created a little Schweinehund for weitclick. Sweet sweet pigdog


Hentschel Kinder wall tattoo

A while ago I drew this wall tattoo for an exhibition about Hentschel Kinder at the Römer and Bajuwaren Museum. Find more infos about it at this beautiful homepage: http://hentschels-kinderwelten.de/


Women´s Health

Latest work for the german Women´s Health for the monthly rubric.
This month´s theme is "Flight".


Video of the Kunstschlacht

Do you remember the art competition that a fought a while ago? There is a wonderful new video about it online now!

kunstschlact no8_impressions from Felix on Vimeo.


A sign for Kottan

Lately I drew a sign on top of a bicycle rack for one of my favourite bars in Stuttgart, the Kottan at the Hans im Glück Brunnen.